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I often change my mind on goals.

Part of me thinks, 'Nah, don't need them. Just enjoy the now.'

On the other hand, goals give me direction and purpose. Which we all need to some extent.

Anyway, when I do set goals, I often struggle to hit them.

Here's a few recent flops:

  • Launching a productised service
  • Growing a podcast and community
  • Developing a daily meditation habit
  • Going on monthly dates with my wife!

But recently, I did manage to hit a big goal - running a 52 mile ultramarathon with just three months of preparation.

What was different?

Well, I took a more thoughtful approach to achieving this goal - by using a framework to not only define and achieve the goal, but enjoy the process too.

And that's what I want to talk to you about today.

It's called the 3-Month Experiment Framework, and it looks like this:

  1. Create an ultimate vision
  2. Set a big goal
  3. Break it down into a 3-month experiment

Let’s dive into the 3-Month Experiment Framework in more detail.

Step 1: Create an ultimate vision

Start by imagining your ideal self and life. Think about your career, health, and personal life. What do you want them to look like? This vision is your North Star, your reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

Here are some questions to help you shape your vision.


How much money do you want to earn? What do you want your job to look like? Do you want flexibility in your work schedule? How many hours do you want to work each day?


What is your ideal weight? Do you want to achieve specific feats of endurance or strength, or is general good health your goal?


What is your state of mind? What kind of relationship do you want to have? Where would you like to travel? How do you want to contribute to your community? What sort of parent are you?

Your ultimate vision is a picture of your ideal self and life. It’s what you're working towards in the distant future, giving you direction and purpose.

Step 2: Set a big goal

Next, turn your vision into some big goals. Make them specific and measurable. This makes it easier to know what you’re aiming for and to track your progress.


For your career, this might mean starting your own business, getting a promotion or achieving a certain turnover.


It could be completing a marathon, achieving a personal best in a sporting event, or losing two stone.


Maybe you want to control your emotions better, or get married, or travel the States in a camper van.

The key is to set a goal that excites you and aligns with your ultimate vision. This big goal is your target, something you can aim for and strive to achieve in the future.

Step 3: Break it down into a three-month experiment

Big goals can feel overwhelming. So, break them down into three-month experiments. This gives you smaller, more tangible goals that are easier to manage. It gives you a clear timeframe, a finish line to work towards and the freedom to change your mind in three months time.

Health Example:

My vision is to be very fit with a high level of endurance. My big goal is to complete a scary endurance challenge every year with a 50% chance of failure. My latest three-month experiment was to complete the 52 mile ultramarathon.

Here’s how I structured the experiment:

Create a Process:

I signed up with a coach who gave me a tailored plan with four runs a week. Having a structured plan helped me stay consistent and focused.

Get Accountability:

A friend signed up for the event with me. This gave me someone to bounce off and helped me stay motivated (shoutout to Joe!). It’s much easier to stick to your goals when you have someone to share the journey with.

Set a Clear Finish Line:

The ultramarathon had a set date, which provided a clear endpoint for my training. Knowing there was a finish line in sight kept me motivated and on track.

By focusing on a three-month period, the goal felt imminent and achievable. It wasn’t an endless task; it was a specific challenge with a clear deadline. This approach kept me motivated, helped me maintain consistency, and gave me a huge sense of accomplishment when I completed the ultramarathon. Now I can reflect on the challenge and set the next one, as I work towards becoming the best endurance athlete I can be.

Business Example:

My vision for my business is to work 4 hours a day, spending my time on writing and creating scalable products. I want to generate sufficient income without selling my time for money. To achieve this, I need an audience. So, I want to build an email list of, I don't know, 10,000 people?

I'm miles off that. And it’s overwhelming to think of writing a newsletter every week, forever, and getting all those sign ups!

So instead, I’m breaking it down into a three-month experiment.

Create a Process:

I’m going to write one newsletter a week for three months. My aim is to gain 500 subscribers in this time through various promo strategies.

Get Accountability:

I’m sharing my goal publicly (with you, right now). This way, I am accountable to my subscribers, and it will push me to stay consistent.

Set a Clear Finish Line:

Three months from now is my endpoint. After three months, I can see if the process is working or if I need to adjust my strategy.

This approach will allow me to focus on a manageable short-term goal rather than getting overwhelmed by the bigger picture. It gives me a clear finish line and the freedom to reassess and change course if needed.

Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be daunting. By creating an ultimate vision, setting a big goal, and breaking it down into three-month experiments, you can make steady progress without getting overwhelmed, and give yourself the freedom to change your approach.

Remember to create a process, get accountability, and set clear finish lines for each experiment.

That's it for today. And hey, I don't want this to be all one way traffic, so....

I'd love for you to hit reply and tell me:

  1. A big goal you’re working towards right now
  2. A 3-month experiment you could start to help you make progress

Until next time.



Stories & insights on building a fulfilling business & life

Landing in your inbox - every Saturday